Thursday, March 13, 2014

6 Pinterest Tips for Authors

Are you an author? Are you trying find new and innovative ways to engage readers? Then you should consider using Pinterest. Pinterest is sweeping the net and some think it actually may surpass even Facebook eventually. Here are 6 tips for authors who want to use Pinterest to help introduce readers to their books and their brand. 

 Tip 1: When you post your covers to Pinterest do it by going to your publisher's sales page for your book, that way when readers click on the cover it will take them directly to your sales page. 

 Tip 2: In the spot where it asks you what this Pin is about, make sure you copy and paste your blurb. That way readers can see not only the cover but what the book is about. 

Tip 3: Remember that you're not just trying to sell books but build your author brand. That being said, consider putting up a board about you the author. Pin your favorite photos of yourself and share short paragraphs about you. 

 Tip 4: Consider creating "book boards" pin photos and images that look like your characters, the towns they live and work in, or if fantasy the worlds they live in, their hobbies, jobs any images that are indicative of your the story your book tells. Do this for each book. 

 Tip 5: Either create your own video book trailers, or have professionals do it and create a board with your trailers. You can do this by linking to your video book trailers on YouTube. 

Tip 6: Don't just use Pinterest as a place to market your books, create boards that are centered around your other interests as well. For example, maybe you have a photography hobby, or you enjoy snow boarding, create boards around these interests as well. This helps to build your brand, and offer something of value to your visitors, rather than overwhelming them with the message "buy my books!" 

Have a tip you'd like to add? Just add it in the comments!

And be sure and have fun!

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