Friday, June 18, 2010

Call For Submissions...

Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC is now open to submissions of all genres and sub-genres of romance and erotic romance.

All submissions must be new material in order to be considered for publication. After you have published one book with Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC we will consider publishing books that have been previously published elsewhere. Also, at this time we are not accepting simultaneous submissions.

We love new stories that don’t fit the mold, so please feel free to submit manuscripts where your muse has gone wild! You just never know what the next hot new romance or erotic romance sub-genre is going to be, so surprise us with your most creative efforts.

We will consider manuscripts starting at 1000k , but ideally we are looking for manuscripts that are at least 20000k for publication. However, bottom line, if it’s a fantastic story we’ll consider it regardless of length.

Please no submissions that have rape for purposes of titillation, child exploitation, golden showers, necrophilia (vamps are the exception), bestiality (shapeshifters and animal-like aliens are the exception), or pornography.

Please visit our Submissions page for more information.

We hope you will consider joining us! Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC is an author-friendly publisher who believes that there can never be too many good books in the world.

Thank you!
Patricia Richardson, CEO
Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC